Welcome to the schools of the future!

Technology Enabled

Smart student profiles highlighting strenghts. Huge resource repositories for teachers to leverage in class. Exposure to future tech, like coding and robotics.


Creating skills relevant to the jobs of the future. No rote learning. Collaboration and critical thinking baked into the curriculum.

100% English Medium

Creating learners who not just understand, but also speak English. Global outlook developed to enable success in a more connected world. Communication treated as a key skill for students.

We are a team of nation builders who believe that access to high quality education can transform our world. At Gyan Saarthi Schools we work hard to nurture scholars who are driven, responsible, collaborative and positively contribute to making India great again.

Our Pillars


Our educators are trained in our unique training program, speak English and expect the best from their students.


Technology enables us to deliver world's best resources to our communities and helps us customize learning for students.


Our curriculum is very meticulously defined and leaves little to chance when it comes to high academic achievements.


Our culture emphasizes voices of all stakeholders being heard. At Gyan Saarthi, we have a 'go-getter' attitude.