To provide access to affordable and excellent education across India through self-managed model schools by leveraging technology to develop the skills of the times in all children.


One day all children will attain excellent, future relevant education.



Gyan Saarthi Scholars are honest in communication, behavior and promises.



Gyan Saarthi Scholars treat themselves and others with respect and dignity. 



Gyan Saarthi Scholars are active citizens in their peer group, families and country.


Gyan Saarthi scholars demonstrate grit when faces with challenges.


Gyan Saarthi scholars achieve their academic goals and are intellectually curious and possess a genuine love for learning

Unique Value

Each Gyan Saarthi school a sixth core value, which is unique to that school and acts as a theme for community projects throughout the school year.

An alumnus from IIT Kanpur and IIM Ahmedabad, Rahil has worked with K-12 Techno Services for their Orchid International School chain. Rahil has headed SMILE, a development center for kids run in collaboration by IIM Ahmedabad, Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation and Wagh Bakri Corp.



An alumnus of NIT Trichy, Tirth left his lucrative job at a leading MNC to follow his passion for education equity. Tirth was selected for the Teach for India fellowship, where he understood the challenges of teaching firsthand and the constraints the school management faces.


Our Story

The founding team members Rahil and Tirth come from small towns (Chittorgarh and Ladnun respectively) and attended the country's most premium educational institutes, which accorded them a lot of privilege. Having educated and aware parents enabled them to reach where they got. However, not everyone is as fortunate. Many of their friends who they grew up with still struggle to find gainful employment and achieve their full potential. Story is not too different for millions of small town Indians. 

Rahil and TIrth met in Ahmedabad where Rahil was finishing his MBA at IIM Ahmedabad and Tirth was a fellow at Teach for India, an NGO, teaching grade 2 kids in a low income private school, when they decided to do something about the poor levels of education in their state Rajasthan. They spent a lot of time studying the best schools across the globe and with detailed research, formulated structures for best practices. Since both of them are engineers, they understand both the utility of tech and the revolution its going to unfold very well, which they leverage for making their schools world class.

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