Why should a child go to pre school?

17.06.18 11:12 AM Comment(s) By Tirth Raj Bhutoria

Formative years

Is it just because the child has to be prepared to go to a primary school? Or because the mothers need a break, so that they can do their own thing for a few hours every day?

We all know that there’s more to pre-school than just the ability to read/write alphabets or cramp some maths operations, but can we state it explicitly?

The reason why a child goes to pre-school is, to be exposed to an environment which fosters rapid development of her brain. The development has to enable a child to function as a useful member of society in her personal, social and professional life. Since 90% of a child's brain development happens before the age of 5, the pre-school years are crucial in an individual's life.

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